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Evan Halper

An LA Timesman in Washington. Then: Covering Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Dem contenders. Now: The coming domestic policy upheaval in the Age of Trump. Energy. Money. Climate Change. Food. Cannabis. Techies. Hippies. Wonks. The West.



The pipeline frenzy and the Appalachian Trail

The Mountain Valley Pipeline project raises tough questions about how much natural gas is enough.
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The billionaire Clinton buddy who slipped away

Ron Burkle raised $10 million for the Clintons. Now, he has almost nothing to do with them.
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What Trump can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Who's the Apprentice now?
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The campaign to kill solar

The Koch Network's shrewd plot to undermine green energy, state-by-state.
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A black box in your car? This tax scheme defies ideology

A usually dull policy arena spawns colorful alliances and a hefty dose of doomsaying.
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Stockbroker's pot dealer? The feds

Clients have given their blessing to his 10-joint-a-day habit. So has the Drug Enforcement Administration.
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Behind the enormous tab of a Clinton speech

How Clinton changed the rules of political speech-making for cash.
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About that coal renaissance

Did Trump betray the workers at this hulking Western coal plant?
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The curious war against Energy Star

Energy Star ratings are cheap, effective and popular. Why does Trump want to kill them?
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The 'Lunch lady' lobby and the GOP

The crusade for healthier school lunches takes an unexpected turn.
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A climate change ready chicken

The federally funded race to find new breeds of farm animals that can stand up to a hotter climate.
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Why this big donor won't give Clinton political advice

Susie Tompkins Buell is an unabashed nonconformist. So what's the attraction to Hillary?
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