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Evan Halper

An LA Timesman in Washington. Then: Covering Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Dem contenders. Now: The coming domestic policy upheaval in the Age of Trump. Energy. Money. Climate Change. Food. Cannabis. Techies. Hippies. Wonks. The West.



The pipeline frenzy and the Appalachian Trail

The Mountain Valley Pipeline project raises tough questions about how much natural gas is enough.
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About that coal renaissance

Did Trump betray the workers at this hulking Western coal plant?
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The curious war against Energy Star

Energy Star ratings are cheap, effective and popular. Why does Trump want to kill them?
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In from the fringe: Meet Trump's energy guru

The Koch-backed Institute for Energy Research is no longer in the shadows. Now it sets policy.
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The campaign to kill solar

The Koch Network's shrewd plot to undermine green energy, state-by-state.
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States strike back on climate

Trump’s plan to halt climate crusade will test California and other states like never before.
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Salt, sugar, fat -- and now climate

The political clash over climate change enters new territory.
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GOP makes a mess for itself out of methane

A clean air program big oil & gas want scrapped tests GOP comfort with White House climate denial.
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So much sun in the Sunshine State. Why so little solar power?

How power companies keep Floridians from using the Sunshine state's sun to make power.
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Trump's Paris problem

The accord made for a great campaign prop. Now it has become a White House albatross.
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A climate change ready chicken

The federally funded race to find new breeds of farm animals that can stand up to a hotter climate.
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Tom Steyer: Defender of the earth or dilettante?

There is a lot of hype around the hedge fund billionaire's climate crusade. But is there any there there?
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